"Karen Tuttle's Heritage: The Theory and Practice of Co-ordination"

Karen Tuttle was a revolutionary viola teacher. She developed the concept of "Co-ordination" which enables the musician to incorporate physical health together with musical expression into one unified method. She was a student of William Primrose and the teacher of Kim Kashkashian.

"Karen Tuttle's Heritage: the Theory and Practice of Co-ordination" is a booklet which is paired with a DVD of interviews with Karen Tuttle and Kim Kashkashian's.


"I just finished reading through the book that you wrote about my heritage. You have done an excellent job of communicating the essence of the work. The descriptions and the photographs are appropriate and direct. 
What impresses me is that you include current variations on the technique, indicating that it is flexible enough to vary with the style and physique of the performers. 
I am also glad that it is not simply a cold, technical work, but that it has personality and "heart".

Thanks for the work that you have put into it and for the honor you give me" - Karen Tuttle.


Sigmund Schul Duo for violin and viola

A project dear to my heart which took over 12 years to see the light. I'm honoured and touched that it has now been release on Centaur. This duo by Schul was written in Terezin like so many other pieces that are slowly surfacing thanks to the work of the late David Bloch who founded the Terezin Music Anthology Project and wanted to have everything that had been composed in Terezin recorded and published.

My mother and I spent countless hours deciphering the  manuscript and then flew to Prague to record it.